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PKT Cash

You earn PKT Cash when you plug your GridNode or GridRack into the Internet.

PKT Cash is a cryptocurrency that is minted every 60 seconds and paid to people providing bandwidth to the PKT Network. This means that the Internet now pays you for connecting.

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What makes PKT Cash unique?

PKT Cash is the first coin that is generated by using bandwidth. Unlike other proof-of-work or proof-of-stake currencies, PKT Cash requires people to prove they have bandwidth to mint new coins.


What can I use PKT Cash for?

Currently, PKT Cash can be used to purchase Gridfinity products. Other PKT Cash use cases are coming soon, including apps such as Anode VPN, which provides a free VPN, and you use PKT Cash to pay for connection speed, as well as PKT Pay, which enables you to use PKT Cash to pay your Internet and phone utility bills.


Why the PKT Network is paying PKT Cash?

PKT Cash provides an economic incentive for people to contribute bandwidth to the Network. The more bandwidth people contribute, the bigger and more robust the PKT Network becomes.


How can I contribute bandwidth to the PKT Network?

You can contribute bandwidth to the PKT Network by plugging in a GridNode or GridRack to your Internet. You can also subscribe to our hosted products. You can also install PacketCrypt on your home computer.

You must store your PKT Cash in a PKT Wallet.

Each GridNode and GridRack comes with a PKT Wallet pre-installed.
You can also access a PKT wallet without buying a GridNode or GridRack.

Install PKT Wallet